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About me... well, a brief journey of our story so far!

So Hi, again.

I'm Krystal Carter, Mum to Isaiah 6, Elijah 4, Alani 11 months and wife to the lucky Mr Carter. Aka Anthony, or dad. I'm 29 years old and I work as a 111 Call Handler for South Central Ambulance Service at night, and then I'm a mummy, wife & part-time model by day. I don't know about anyone else but I think I'm hillarious. I'm caring, outgoing and such a people person. Some say I'm kind to a fault but one truth about me is that I'll do absolutely anything for anyone, so long as I am appreciated.


We live in Southampton, which is where we began really. I was born and raised here until I was four. I then moved away with my mum and four brothers (at the time) to a tiny little village called Mere in Wiltshire. The closest thing to it that anyone ever remotely recognises is Stonehenge. It's near there, sort of, not.


When I was 17 I left my family home to move Back to Southampton where I continued on at college and lived independently.


So lets skip forward a few good years to 2012 when I met Anthony. It was in a local nightclub that I attended so much I practically lived there. Anthonys' family lived in Basingstoke but he was living in Southampton as a student at Southampton Solent University and at the time I was a healthcare Assistant in Boots.

I love When people ask how we met, because Anthony is always so bitter about it and is very quick to remind me, and to tell everyone that "I gave him shakara". This is a ghanaian phrase meaning I basically played hard to get with him. This is not the case. I just clearly wasnt as interested as he was, but lets not fuss over the minor details hey?

Anthony and I met at the end of the summer 2012, and by March 2013 things had escalated pretty quickly. We instantly became inseperable and as soon as his tenancy ended for the final term in his student house, he packed up and moved into my one bedroomed flat with me. It wasnt very long at all before we found out that I was expecting our first baby. Isaiah. I found out in July and by February 2014, two became three :-)

I'll save all the precious and gory details of pregnancy and my births for another time and another blog.


Just a few months after the arrival of Isaiah, we decided to move to Basingstoke, into Anthonys' family home in order to begin saving to buy our own home... (yeah, about that...?) But then when Isaiah was just 6 months old, we discovered that three wasn't a magic number anymore and we were about to become four. In June 2015 we welcomed Our second son, Elijah into the world, however, In the twelve months prior to his arrival A LOT had happened to us as a family, including the sudden and tragic loss of my father-in-law, anthony's dad, ALAN. Our relationship stood some of the toughest tests that any relationship can stand, but we fought, and we made it through. Again, these are all stories to tell another time, in another blog.


In February 2017 we decided it was time for our family to spread our wings and live alone again so we decided to move back to Southampton. A place I've known my whole life and have many friends and family. During his time at Uni, Ant had met some lifelong friends too and it all just felt right.


In July 2017 Anthony and I Discussed marriage for the millionth time and he finally caved and agreed it was time. In August 2017 at my mums annual birthday BBQ, he got down on one knee in front of all my family and friends and aksed me to be his wife! I obviously sais yes (after many tears). In true Anthony and Krystal fashion, We didn't hang around and we got Married in the most beautiful ceremony, surrounded by our nearest and dearest on the 23rd March 2018. It was the most beautiful day and we both felt complete. We didn't yet know that we were just one more baby away from having everything we could've ever imagined and more.

On May 23rd 2019, we welcomed the final piece to our puzzle, Miss Alani Carter into the world. I went on the hardest Journey of my life to bring her here and that is why my first official blog post is all about Hyperemesis Gravidarium and is dedicated to International Hyperemesis Awareness day, May 15th.


Click here to head on over to learn all about it and my personal experience. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stick around and continue to watch us grow as a family.

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